Vrouw Wolle ~ Viltacademie

Under the label of Vilt d’Anvers, we present you our collection of felt products made with love and dedication. We create clothes and garments, accessorizes (heads, shawls, broches, …), interior objects (pillows, plaids, bowls, ….), wall hangings, and many many more. We also love to work on specific assignments we recieve from clients. We have more than 120 colours of merino wool and an extended aanbod of silk fabrics and natural fibres, books, handspun yarn of Manos del Uruguay, the ‘Upwolfing’ products of Irene Van der Wolf, etc. Give us a call, and we’ll welcome you in our atelier!
tabourets Vilt d'Anvers
Wallhanging Vilt d'Anvers
The studio Vrouw Wolle/Viltacademie.be
Detail studio Vrouw Wolle/ Viltacademie.be
Detail wallhanging Vilt d'Anvers
Detail scarfs Vilt d'Anvers
Detail object Vilt d'Anvers
Detail hat Vilt d'Anvers
Detail hair band Vilt d'Anvers
Detail dress Vilt d'Anvers
Brooch Vilt d'Anvers
Detail wallhanging Vilt'Anvers
Handbags Vilt d'Anvers
Detail handbag Vilt d'Anvers
Handbag Vilt d'Anvers