Vrouw Wolle ~ Viltacademie

Felting school

The Viltacademie.be is a 3-year program, consisting of 6 modules with each a specific theme.
Each module consists of 5 days. (Monday-Friday)
The number of participants is limited to allow the support and coaching that each of you deserve.
All courses take place in the studio of the Viltacademie.be in Essen (B).
The program focuses on felters who want to reach the next level in technics and design.
The aim of the 3-year program is to offer each student the capacities and skills needed to realize independently their felt projects. Every module offers a wide range of techniques, so every student, from beginner to more experienced felter, will be challenged. We think it’s important to allow students to work at their own level and pace!
After every module you will get homework, based on a specific theme. During the next module the students will be evaluated. The aim of this homework is to see if you understood the techniques of the previous module and if you’re able to apply and develop them into your personal felt projects.  
We start with the basics where different breeds of sheep are studied but also the detailed calculations to manage the whole felting process. Through colour management and dye technics we get to 3D design. Next we will focus on surface structures in order to get exiting and surprising effects. Experimental techniques will be your next challenge before combining all your expertise in the creation of fabrics and felted cloths.
At the end of the program we will organize an exhibition where all the graduation projects will be presented.
A certificate will be handed out to every student who finished the program successfully.