Vrouw Wolle ~ Viltacademie

Vrouw Wolle - Jewel in Felt

Jewel in Felt

Saturday Nov 17th and Sunday Nov 18th 2018

by Miriam Verbeek

Vrouw Wolle - These ankle boots are made for walking!

These ankle boots are made for walking!

Friday January 25th, Saturday January 26th, Sunday January 27th and Monday January 28th 2019

by Natalya Brashovetskaya

Vrouw Wolle - Scarf/collar with open structure

Scarf/collar with open structure

Saturday Feb 2nd and Sunday Feb 3th 2019

by Margot Odijk

Vrouw Wolle - Schapenkop met vacht

Schapenkop met vacht

Friday March 15th, Saturday March 16th, Sunday March 17th 2019

by Paulien Sijtsema

Vrouw Wolle - OYA crochet

OYA crochet

Saturday March 30th 2019

by Jeanine Van Den Broek
OYA is a traditional Turkish crochet technique.

Vrouw Wolle - New date Eco Printing: Sample Book

New date Eco Printing: Sample Book

Friday May 3th, Saturday May 4th and Sunday May 5th 2019.

by Vrouw Wolle
During this 3 days masterclass we will make a sample book with ecoprinted samples of different fabrics

Vrouw Wolle - 3D objects, such as horns

3D objects, such as horns

Saturday June 15th and 16th 2019

by Charlotte Sehmisch

Vrouw Wolle - Jewels (diamonds not included)

Jewels (diamonds not included)

Saturday March 2 and sunday March 3, 2018

by Vrouw Wolle

Vrouw Wolle - Fabulous skirt

Fabulous skirt

Friday sep 21 until monday sept 24

by Brigitte Eertink
These 3,5 days we are going to make a skirt full of different structures.

Vrouw Wolle - Scarves & Collars with 3D surfaces

Scarves & Collars with 3D surfaces

Friday Oct12, Saturday Oct 13, Sunday Oct 14 2018

by Dagmar Binder

Vrouw Wolle

Vrouw Wolle are two friends, Françoise and Hilde, who decided years ago to bundle their expertise and passion for felt, and they’ve never regretted it for a second!

 As Vrouw Wolle we organize workshops in different felting techniques. On a regular basis we invite internationally renowned guest teachers who developed a specific felt technique. We also organize classes on demand, in our atelier or on location.

 In order to perfectionize ourselves, we’ve followed (and keep following) many workshops and masterclasses in different felt and other textile techniques. In July 2013 we graduated from the Felt School in Oberrot, Germany.