Vrouw Wolle ~ Viltacademie

Vrouw Wolle - Fabulous skirt

Fabulous skirt

Friday sep 21 until monday sept 24

by Brigitte Eertink
These 3,5 days we are going to make a skirt full of different structures.

Vrouw Wolle - Jewels (diamonds not included)

Jewels (diamonds not included)

Saturday sept 29 and sunday sept 30 2018

by Vrouw Wolle

Vrouw Wolle - Scarves & Collars with 3D surfaces

Scarves & Collars with 3D surfaces

Friday Oct12, Saturday Oct 13, Sunday Oct 14 2018

by Dagmar Binder

Vrouw Wolle - OYA crochet

OYA crochet

Saturday Oct 27th 2018

by Jeanine Van Den Broek
OYA is a traditional Turkish crochet technique.

Vrouw Wolle - Jewel in Felt

Jewel in Felt

Saturday Nov 17th and Sunday Nov 18th 2018

by Miriam Verbeek

Vrouw Wolle - A lizard you get home!

A lizard you get home!

Saterday Dec 15th of and Sunday Dec 16th 2018

by Judit Pócs

Vrouw Wolle - Scarf/collar with open structure

Scarf/collar with open structure

Saturday Feb 2nd and Sunday Feb 3th 2019

by Margot Odijk

Vrouw Wolle - Schapenkop met vacht

Schapenkop met vacht

Friday March 15th, Saturday March 16th, Sunday March 17th 2019

by Paulien Sijtsema

Vrouw Wolle - New date Eco Printing : Sample Book

New date Eco Printing : Sample Book

Friday May 4th, Saturday May 5th and Sunday May 6th 2019.

by Vrouw Wolle
During this 3 days masterclass we will make a sample book with ecoprinted samples of different fabrics