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Faces of extinction

9-14 mei 2023
door Gladys Paulus

Deze workshop is momenteel niet beschikbaar.

5 ½ day mask making master class + ½ day photography session

This workshop constitutes both a conventional animal mask master class, as well as an opportunity to contribute to on-line exhibition Faces of Extinction which aims to help raise awareness of the huge challenges to wildlife across the world, and of imminent natural network collapse.

Today wildlife accounts for only 3 percent of earth’s land animals; human beings, our livestock, and our pets take up the remaining 97 percent of the biomass. This is due both to the explosion of industrial agriculture and to a hollowing out of wildlife itself, which has decreased in abundance by as much as 50 percent since 1970. This cull is from both direct hunting and global-scale habitat destruction: almost half of the earth’s land has been converted to farmland (source: Peter Brannen, The Ends of the World)

Faces of Extinction is an international community art project & on-line exhibition that aims to draw attention to the impact of human activity on ecosystems and habitats, and the increased rate of species loss that is one of the results. Faces of Extinction occupies a, dedicated web page, Instagram site and Facebook page, and all images share a distinct set of guidelines to allow for visual unity.

All animals chosen have to be picked from the IUCN Red List for Threatened Species (https://www.iucnredlist.org/) and all student participants will be asked to do some research on their chosen animal, as well as prepare a sign containing some basic written facts (more information in the Materials List provided separately).

Workshop content:

During this 5 day technical master class with UK-based textile artist Gladys Paulus, you will learn how to calculate, design and create a base resist template which will become the starting point for a realistic animal mask.

Mask making requires a combined approach of thorough planning, intuitive felt making and wool sculpting. More than just a face cover, these masks will cover the head completely and are sculptures in their own right. You will learn how to achieve facial symmetry, experiment with different types of protrusions and colour, build up features and markings, create plumage/fur/hair, how to felt all the 3-dimensional parts together and how to sculpt and shape the felt.

You will be guided through the techniques step by step. Learning is supported through practical demonstrations, one-to-one consultations and practical help, handouts and illustrated explanations.

Please come ready for hard work as well as fun and bring plenty of ideas, large inspirational photographs and sketches; you will have an opportunity to discuss these with the tutor during the workshop. Please bear in mind that, given the time consuming nature of felting masks, the available time restraints and your personal level of experience, you may be asked to choose relatively plain animals so that you will be able to finish your mask. For this reason too, the tutor may recommend adapting or simplifying overly ambitious designs.

If you are not sure a particular animal is suitable for this master class, please contact Gladys at gladys@gladyspaulus.com with a few images.

PLEASE NOTE: You will be required to make a small felt sample before the workshop.

You will be required to do some research on your chosen animal and to write, print & prepare a letterboard sign before the workshop, that will be used in the photography session

This master class will be taught in English. Some written handouts will be supplied.

  • 10:00 tot 18:00 (atelier is open vanaf half10)
  • Prijs: € 699, het is mogelijk, mits onderling overleg, de betaling in 3 of 4 delen te betalen
  • Inbegrepen: uitgebreide lunch, drank en versnaperingen, excl. materialen
  • Locatie: Atelier Vrouwwolle, Kapelstraat 81 (achter Citroëngarage), B-2910 Essen
  • De materialenlijst en voorbereidingsopdrachten tot deze masterclass zal je toegezonden na definitieve inschrijving (= betaling masterclass)
  • Ervaring : Het vilten van maskers is een ingewikkeld, veeleisend en fysiek proces en vereist een uithoudingsvermogen. De maskers zouden op het einde van de masterclass afgevilt moeten zijn, daarom worden er dagelijks doelstellingen voorop gesteld. Om deze reden is deze masterclass helaas NIET geschikt voor beginners of mensen met rug- of hand-/armblessures of andere gezondheidsproblemen waardoor je niet lang kunt staan/vilten. Tijdens deze masterclass is er geen tijd om de basisprincipes door te nemen en je moet een grondige kennis/ervaring hebben van natvilten in het algemeen en het maken van driedimensionaal natvilt rond een mal in het bijzonder.

Deze workshop is momenteel niet beschikbaar.

Faces of extinction
Creatie Gladys Paulus
een impressie van de tentoonstelling
Creatie Gladys Paulus