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The Modules

Module "Basics"

Basic knowledge of wool, fibres and fabrics is fundamental for the development of every felt project. Getting control over the materials is important in order to create a beautiful and well felted piece.

In this module you will get to know different sheep breeds, as well as the characteristics of their fleece. In the technical part of the module, you will experiment combining different types of wool and see how they react to each other and how you can get control on the result. We will make different samples of wool in combination with different fabrics, plant and animal fibres, and study the calculations necessary to manage the whole felting process.
Home project A.Mariën Module1Module1

Module "Colors"

Starting from the basic principles of the theory of colour, you will get to know the wonderful world of mixing colours. You will experiment with different dye techniques for wool and fibres and through the technique of carding, you will learn how to blend different types of wool and colours in order to obtain surprising results. On the basis of the exercises we will give to you, you will learn how “to paint with wool”.

Module "3D"

On the basis of different techniques you will learn how to translate both simple and complex forms to a 3-dimensional object. Starting from a basic model, you will learn how to construct more complex forms. Once you dominate this technique, more and more you will be able to translate your own imagination into a felt creation.
Module3 3DModule3 3D

Module "Surface structures"

This module focuses on how to create structures and relief in your felt work. The possibilities are endless. We will offer you a wide range of possible techniques in order to enable you to discover new and exciting results by yourself.
Detail home project A.Tibos Module4Detail home project E. Oosterling Module4 Surface structures

Module "Experimental challenges"

This module offers a wide range of experimental techniques, often inspired by other “branches” of textile design. The combination with felt generates new possibilities, new forms, new ideas, and new challenges.
Module5Module5 with guest teacher Brigitte Eertink

Module "Design of Fabrics and Fashion"

Design and creation of fabrics and fashion is the focus of this module. After the theoretical part on the basic techniques of felting clothes, you will design your own garment: you will learn how to felt a seamless garment that fits perfectly and due to the techniques you learned in the previous modules, you will be able to design a garment reflecting your own personal style and taste.
Module6 Clothing&Fabric designThe Modules