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Eco Printing: Sample Book

July 3th-5th 2020
by Vrouw Wolle

During this 3 days masterclass we will make a sample book with ecoprinted samples of different fabrics: velvet, silk, cotton, linnen and wool. We will experiment with different leaves, mordants and tie dye techniques. We will work very systematically and write down every step of the dye process. The sample book will allow you to plan and carry out bigger printing projects in the future.

The 1st day we will dye the premordant fabrics in welt (yellow tints), cochenille (red tints) or indigo (blue tints). You will learn how to make dye and mordant baths for different fabrics (protein vs. cellulose). We will also introduce you to the basics of eco printing. On day 2 we will experiment with different eco printing techniques. On day 3 you can choose whether you develop a bigger project based on your previous research or continue with your sample book.

  • 10am until 17pm (studio is open from 9.30am)
  • Price : € 355
  • Included : homemade lunch, drinks, biscuits and sweets, starterskit with fabrics and dye baths for the 3


  • Location : Studio Vrouwwolle, Kapelstraat 81 (behind the Citroën garage), B-2910 Essen
  • the list of materials will be sent after final registration
  • Experience : no
Eco Printing: Sample Book
Dye bath
Samples students
Fabric made by Vrouw Wolle
Samples dye with indigo
Sample made by Ann
Samples students/ fabrics made by Vrouw Wolle