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Resist-based Pendants: Hollow Forms, Dimensional Surfaces & Object Inclusion

Wednesday May 27, Thursday May 28, Friday May 29 and Saterday May 30, 2020
by Lisa Klakulak

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A course combining multiple three-dimensional techniques for small-scale object

refinement. Design unique hollow forms and bails for hanging by using twodimensional

resists. Layer and embed resists to raise dimensional surface

textures and explore the differential shrinkage of thick shapes of partial felt

placed within a thin layout to develop concave and convex surfaces. Learn

techniques for encasing durable found objects in a form fitting felt skin and reveal

their surfaces to add color, texture, material complexity and conceptual relevancy

to your work. By simply wrapping fiber around an object one doesn’t provide

ample space for the fibers to shrink and felt and therefore one must employ a

resist larger than the object, which involves just a little calculation! Combine and

compose techniques to develop your own visual language, adornment and/or

maquettes for larger sculptural works.

Lisa Klakulak’s creativity was nurtured at a young age by her mother’s arts, good public-school art programs in the suburbs of Detroit, and classes at the local art association. With these foundational experiences as well as self-directed exploration in fabric dyeing, sewing, and off-loom bead weaving, Klakulak began her BFA studies in 1993 at the University of Colorado. During her college years, she exhibited sculptural beaded jewelry at local art cooperatives and independently pursued the study of natural dyes, graduating in 1997 from Colorado State with a BFA in Fiber Arts.

Klakulak relocated to Taos, NM in 1997 to work as the chief natural dyer for a fiber supplier and began selling her work at Fine Art and Craft Shows. International travels over the millenium intensified Klakulak’s textile focus, motivating her move to the southeast to study at Penland School of Craft and to accept an Artist-in-Residence position at The Appalachian Center for Craft, in Smithville, TN. While at ACC from 2002-2005, Klakulak extensively explored the medium of felt, educated children in middle Tennessee public schools through ACC’s Outreach Programs, began instructing adult workshops and acquired a K-12 Visual Arts certification.

Asheville, NC became the base of operations from 2005-2018 for Klakulak’s business STRONGFELT that encompassed the making of body adornment, accessories and sculpture as well as K-12 artist residencies and the instruction of workshops worldwide. A noteworthy cycle developed of traveling to teach, being inspired by travel, making new work, inspiring others and being invited to travel again to teach, repeat. In 2017, however, Klakulak realized that this cyclical repetition had lost its forwarding motion, leading her to a decision to pursue a 2 year Master of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design beginning in the fall of 2018.


  • 10am - 17pm (studio is open from 9.30am)
  • Price: €485
  • Included: homemade lunch, drinks, biscuits and sweets, excl. materials
  • Location: Studio Vrouwwolle, Kapelstraat 81 (behind the Citroëngarage), B-2910 Essen
  • the list of materials will be sent after final registration
  • Experience : Yes!

This workshop is complete.

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Resist-based Pendants: Hollow Forms, Dimensional Surfaces & Object Inclusion
Klakulak's work, Seizing, encased objects
Lisa K.Stern-hearted, differential shrinkage form
Klakulak's work, bloom, differential shrinkage
Klakulak's class samples