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OYA crochet

Saturday January 11th 2020
by Jeanine Van Den Broek

OYA is a traditional Turkish crochet technique.

Jeanine her designs are inspired by the old turkish tradition with a modern twist. She makes necklaces, earrings, scarf and dress borders, etc.

In this workshop Jeanine will teach you some basic techniques, making a nice crochet piece based on one of Jeanine’s schemes. It’s necesary to have some experience with crochet. You will work with a crochet needle 0.55 and special turkish yarn.

  • 10am until 16pm (studio is open from 9.30am)
  • Price: € 85
  • Included : all crochet materials, coffee/thee with biscuits and fruit, soup with bread (bring your own lunch with


  • Location: Studio Vrouwwolle, Kapelstraat 81 (behind the Citroën garage), B-2910 Essen
  • Bring along: writing and sewing kit
  • Experience: yes (crochet experience)
OYA crochet
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