Vrouw Wolle ~ Viltacademie

Sjaals & kragen met 3D oppervlakken

vrijdag 12 okt, zaterdag 13 okt, zondag 14 okt 2018
door Dagmar Binder

In this class we will deal with multi-layer techniques for seamless felt accessories and create decorative neckpieces with 3 dimensional surfaces.

We will start with a few sample pieces, in order to practise several ways of laying wool fibres and observe their influence on consistency, shape and flexibility of the finished felt.

You will learn how to connect additional wool layers safely to the background shape and seperate them partially, to be able unfold 3D structures in the end.

Day2: We'd continue with a light, delicate and stretchable felt: a curled, romantic floral boa.

Day3: It's time for a sculptural collar with 3D flaps or petals attached

  • 10:00 tot 17:00 (atelier is open vanaf half 10)
  • Prijs: € 325
  • Inbegrepen: uitgebreide lunch, drank en versnaperingen, excl. materialen
  • Locatie: Atelier Vrouwwolle, Kapelstraat 81 (achter de Citroëngarage), B-2910 Essen
  • de materiaallijst wordt u toegestuurd na definitieve inschrijving
  • Ervaring: ja
Sjaals & kragen met 3D oppervlakken
Sjaals & kragen met 3D oppervlakken